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SOL Testing Dates:

Students in 3rd - 5th grade will start state SOL testing this week.  Please make sure your students get a good night of rest, have a plan for a good breakfast, arrive on time to school, and calm any anxiety on the day of testing.  We know our students are well prepared, and will do great!

This Week:

  • Tuesday, May 10: Reading Grade 5
  • Wednesday, May 11: Reading Grade 4
  • Thursday, May 12: Reading Grade 3
  • Friday, May 13: Science Grade 5

Next Week:

  • Tuesday, May 17: Math Grade 4
  • Wednesday, May 18: Math Grade 3
  • Thursday, May 19: Math Grade 5 & 6
  • Friday, May 20: VA Studies Grade 4


School Absences

Please continue to notify the office to report reasons for all absences!  There are many different ways to report your student’s absence.

  1. You can email Tobie Greenlee (tgreenlee@glnd.k12.va.us) or email Nurse Britton (abritton@glnd.k12.va.us).

  2. You can also call the office (804-556-5380)

  3. Or fill out the BES Reason for Student Absence Form 


Early Dismissals

If you have to make a change to your child's transportation arrangements for the day, please notify the office by 1:00 p.m. (emergencies only). It is important that your child arrives home safely and it is not  always possible to notify the teacher's or a child of a change to how they will be transported.


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